Stainless Fabrication

Stainless Connection specializes in the supply, fabrication and installation of stainless steel piping systems for the Food, Dairy,  Beverage, Pharmaceutical,  Petro–chemical, Paper and Pulp industries.

Stainless Connection with its highly qualified partners and construction team are able to offer a comprehensive installation and technical design service to all our clients.  With many successfully completed projects, we have the confidence and expertise to meet our customers’ requirements.

We offer the one stop shop, where customers can place their order and have confidence in the workmanship of the fabricated finished product.

Choose Us As Your Stainless Steel Fabricators

Are you in an industry which makes use of workflow and process equipment in a factory or warehouse? Whether you work in the food, dairy, beverage, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper and pulp industries, you’ll need your process and workflow equipment to work quickly, safely and effectively. This is where Stainless Connection comes in. Based in Durban and Port Elizabeth, Stainless Connection is one of South Africa’s best stainless steel fabrication companies. We specialise in the supply and installation of stainless steel piping systems and are expert stainless steel fabricators.

We Provide Solutions

For any industry that requires process and flow equipment, Stainless Connection is your solution. We supply pumps, fittings, valves, pipes and balustrades, heat exchangers and tank fittings. We’re committed engineering products to the highest quality and have made trained our construction team. Our team is also qualified to offer comprehensive installation services and technical design services. We have conducted countless, completed projects, and we make sure that every client’s need is fulfilled.

Our Services


Supply and Installation of Stainless Steel Process Piping Systems and Equipment

Supply and Installation of Carbon Steel and Galvanized Piping

Plant Upgrades and Maintenance

Relocation of Plants

Project management

Planning and Execution of Plant Shutdowns

Provision of Alfa Laval Products – we’re official distributors of their valves, pumps, stainless steel pipes and more.

Each member of our team is skilled at creating stainless steel fabricated parts for process flow machinery, in record time. Our clients are important to us, so we work hard to make sure that we meet their individual needs. Our administration staff, sales team, and warehouse employees work to equally high standards, as we understand that a satisfying customer experience involves your collective experience with us.

Do you need fabricated components for your business? Stainless Connection can meet all your stainless steel and fabricated servicing needs. For more information, contact us today.

Please contact our Sales Team to arrange your next installation.