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We Stock Alfa Laval Pumps And Other Popular Brands


Pumps are a critical part of fluid handling in many industries, which is why you should choose yours with care. Stainless connection offers a wide range of Alfa Lava pump products for the biotechnology, personal care, home care, food and beverage as well as energy and utility industries.

Our full range includes:

  • LKH, LKH Evap and LKH Multistage – LKH pumps are centrifugal and used to increase productivity or aid in evaporation. The LKH Evap is further optimised to prevent solids from building up and has a low net positive suction head.
  • LKH Prime, LKH Prime UltraPure and LKH UltraPure – These pumps are self-priming and rely on air screw technological advancements to function. It works for tasks where the air is entrained (such as when cleaning in place) and can pump products efficiently and timeously.
  • LKHex – This pump is well suited for applications where there’s an explosion risk.
  • LKHI – This pump can facilitate up to 16 bar in terms of inlet pressure.
  • LKHPF – Choose this pump for use in filtration applications under high pressure.
  • LKHSP – Use this pump to drain vehicle tanks when transporting gas.
  • MR – This pump is well suited to air and gas pumping.
  • OptiLobe – Choose this affordable alternative to the costlier SRU or SX pumps.
  • SCPP – This pump can transport low viscosity items with increased discharge pressure.
  • SolidC and SolidC UltraPure– These versatile pumps work well for general use, such as when intermittently pumping products or for CIP related tasks. The Ultrapure is also equipped with a shaft seal, ring and o-ring.
  • SRU – Use this pump for transporting delicate liquids using a smooth, low pump action.
  • SX – this pump it utilised to delicately process fluids in any industry with higher demands or requiring extra care.


Whatever pump you need, Stainless Connection can provide you with it. For more information on our Alfa Laval pumps or any other similar product, contact us today.