Four Different Types of Stainless Steel Pipes and Their Uses

Stainless steel has become such a standard fixture in our daily lives that most of us don’t think twice about its many uses. However, as a business owner, knowing more about the options you have when it comes to this material could be one of the best things you can do for the management of your business and property. It enables you to make wise decisions when it’s time to invest in equipment. Your utensils, cold storage, and oven are probably mainly made from stainless steel. This is because it’s strong, easy to maintain, and hygiene-friendly. But what about pipes and tubing? In this blog, we discuss the main types of stainless steel piping and the most common places to find them.

One – Corrosion-Resistant Tubing for Generic Uses

One of the standout properties of stainless steel is that it doesn’t get scratch and scuff marks easily. All pipes made from this material have this quality, which enables them to withstand the effects of friction and impact. Grade 304 pipes are among the most prevalent in the market. They can be used virtually anywhere, as long as the temperature doesn’t exceed 426℃.

Two – Sanitary Tubing for Use in the Food & Beverages Industry

Hygiene is a major factor in the production, storage and distribution of edible and drinkable products. Sanitary tubing plays a major role in ensuring this, which keeps consumers safe from harmful bacteria and germs.

Three – Pressure Pipes for Use in High-Temperature Operations

For those applications that happen in temperatures beyond the 426℃ mark, stainless steel pressure pipes are the answer because they’re typically made from heat-resistant chromium or a mixture of nickel and chromium. Different types include seamless, electronic fusion, welded, and large diameter pipes.

Four – Aircraft Tubing for Use in Aerospace Functions

As the name suggests, these types of stainless steel pipes are used in manufacturing aeroplane parts. These include critical components, such as fuel injection lines and hydraulic structures.

No matter your industry, using the best stainless steel fittings for manufacturing, storing and transporting your product has benefits for both you and your customers. The great thing is that they’re accessible, affordable, and durable. Stainless steel piping are an investment that brings money into your business and keeps it there. If you’re looking for top-quality fittings, Stainless Connection is a go-to supplier. Contact us today.