Choose Stainless Steel And Go Green

There’s a growing demand globally for sustainable and environmentally-friendly businesses that can prove that they respect this in their daily practices. To reduce the effects of climate change, consumerism and consumption, it’s become critical for businesses to incorporate sustainability into their practices. Manufacturing regulations can mitigate the negative impact of production, as can recycling and reusing materials and waste products. One such way a business can do so is to start utilising stainless steel suppliers instead of relying on single-use materials that will end up in a landfill.

Ditch The Plastic

Plastic is often the go-to material for businesses in manufacturing as it’s a cheaper material that can sometimes be strong enough for demanding processing. However, it’s also harmful as it can leach chemicals when exposed to heat. Depending on the type of plastic it is, it may also not be biodegradable or recyclable, which can have significant environmental implications.

Why Is Stainless Steel The Better Material?

Stainless steel is non-corrosive, reusable and recyclable. It can be transformed and fabricated multiple times and is useful for use in most manufacturing businesses. Because of this, it’s sustainable in comparison to plastic and concrete. Because the material is strong, it makes it also highly durable as well. With relatively low maintenance and repair required once in use, introducing stainless steel components into your process is an effective long-term business decision.

Unlike glass or wood components that are used in piping or for components in equipment (which can deteriorate, break down and shatter under pressure), stainless steel is safe for human use. The risk of bacteria and mould growing on anything made from this material is extremely low, making it ideal for use in food and beverage industries. Stainless steel is easy to clean and temperature resistant. When placed under extreme heat, it won’t liquefy or burn, making it easier, quicker and less harmful to handle. It also means integrating it into your manufacturing process is easy in terms of installation or modification.

If your business is ready to take the next sustainable step towards a greener future with recyclable processing, contact Stainless Connection to see how we can incorporate our products into your manufacturing processes.