The Great Properties Of Stainless Steel

Not many materials in the world are as universal in their usefulness as stainless steel. It is everywhere around us, from our vehicles, trains and ships to our computers, in our homes in the form of stainless steel pipes and fittings. You can even find stainless steel products in the kitchen, including knives and forks, spoons and other utensils. It is a material that is ubiquitous with the ability to resist erosion, can resist oxidation, has excellent mechanical properties and can be easily used during welding for bending, hydroforming, brazing and stamping. However, there are plenty of other features that make stainless steel excellent to use, and we will look at four of those properties in this article.

Green Material

In the construction industry, stainless steel is viewed as a green material as it is infinitely recyclable, and its recovery rate is almost a perfect score of 100%. It is a material that is inert and environmentally neutral, meaning it does not release compounds that will modify and affect the elements it comes into contact with such as water. That is why its suitable in applications where it is exposed to intense weather conditions including roofs and facades. Not only is it excellent in rainwater recovery systems, but its longevity also fulfils the requirements of sustainable construction.

Chemical Compositions Gives Rise To Variety

Stainless steel may have various elements, but iron is one of the main constituents of stainless steel, but that is not all. Combine it with carbon, and it produces steel, add chromium, a third element, and you get stainless steel. Additional components can provide one with different types of stainless steel, such as manganese or phosphorus.  Each addition will strengthen the steel’s properties, so it is suitable for the task you envision, like installing pipes and fittings in your home, plus there are more than 100 combinations that will give you even more grades of stainless steel in just about any industry.

Incredibly Strong

The most critical feature of stainless steel and the most fundamental is its strength. It is an incredibly durable material whether it is in high or low temperatures and retains a whole lot of the overall strength of regular steel.  It is also used in a bevy of construction applications where strength and corrosion resistance are vital.

These are just three properties of stainless steel that makes it a material that plays a vital role in our lives. For pipes and fittings, stainless steel proves to be a worthy contender.  There are plenty of other uses of the material around us, and we need to learn as much as we can about it. For more information, browse through our website and see what Stainless Connection can offer you.  Click here to shop.